Description: MicroLogix 1000 Hand-Held Programmer with 64 KB memory modules for the Program Storage of at least 8

1 year Warranty Included



The Allen-Bradley 1761-HHM-K64 is a MicroLogix 1000 handheld memory module (HHM). The module is used with the hand-held programmer. The 1761-HHM-K64 has a memory capacity of 64 kilobytes and it can store up to 8 programs. Before inserting the 1761-HHM-K64 on the handheld programmer, the power to the programmer should first be disconnected. This prevents the controller from faulting and it also prevents possible damage to the 1761-HHM-K64. To further safeguard the memory module, it should be handled by the ends of the carrier or the edges of the plastic housing. Note that dirt and or oil from bare hands are capable of forming a layer on top of electrical components and minimize the electrical contact. Being a memory module, the 1761-HHM-K64 is highly sensitive to electrostatic charges. These charges can either alter or destroy the memory module.

When installing the 1761-HHM-K64 in the hand-held programmer, first disconnect the programmer from the controller, remove the memory module door, place the 1761-HHM-K64 in its socket, replace the module door, and either reconnect the controller to the power source or reconnect the HHP power cable. To use the 1761-HHM-K64 on a hand-held programmer, the users must first access it from the programmer’s interface. Once it is accessed, the users can load one of the stored programs from the memory module to the controller, store a program from the controller to the 1761-HHM-K64, or they can clear a program in the module. The 1761-HHM-K64 displays a confirmation screen when the users attempt to store a program in the module that has the same name as a program that is already stored in the module.

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Rockwell Automation



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Hand-Held Programmer


Memory Module


64 Kilobyte

Program Storage

At least 8



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