Description: The Allen Bradley Handheld Programmer for MicroLogix 1000 modules, which can be used for programming and troubleshooting modules.

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The 1761-HHP-B30 is a hand-held programmer designed and manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The programmer has an operating power rating of 2.0 Watts, a minimum operating temperature of 0 degrees Celsius and a maximum operating temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. When being stored, the 1761-HHP-B30 has a minimum ambient temperature rating of -20 degrees Celsius and a maximum ambient temperature rating of 60 degrees Celsius. While in operation, the 1761-HHP-B30 can accommodate a vibration with a frequency of between 10 and 50 Hertz with a 0.76 millimeters displacement peak to peak. The Allen-Bradley 1761-HHP-B30 has an LCD that can show 16 characters on a 2-line display. Its keypad is made with rubber/carbon and it is color coded. The input voltage rating for the 1761-HHP-B30 stands at 24 Volts DC. The programmer has a width of 3.74 inches, a height of 6.69 inches, and a depth of 1.37 inches.

The 1761-HHP-B30 is interfaced with the MicroLogix 1000 controller through an RS-232 connection. This connection supports the DFI full duplex protocol. The DFI protocol allows for simultaneous transmissions between 2 devices in both directions. This allows for the control of messages, signal error detection, and for retries if errors are detected. The 1761-HHP-B30 has an operating shock rating of 50 g peak acceleration for a duration of 11 milliseconds plus or minus 1 millisecond. The handheld programmer is listed by the Underwriters Laboratories in Class 1 Division 2 groups A to D and it is CE marked. Note that the 1761-HHP-B30 cannot be interfaced with the controller through the AIC+.

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