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Description: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 Relay output Controller with DC Power, 16 I/O Points, and easily-used Digital Contact Outputs

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The Allen-Bradley 1761-L16BWA-DM4 module is a MicroLogix 1000 type of module with a power supply of 120 to 240 Volts AC. The device utilizes relay as an output type, analog circuits for safety features, and digital outputs with 6 contact outputs. The device also has an input type of 24 Volts DC, and an I/O count of 16 points. The 1761-L16BWA-DM4 programmable controller is a packed controller comprising a power input circuits, supply, processor, and output circuits. The regulator is obtainable starting from 10 I/O, 16 I/O, and 32 I/O formations, as well as an equivalent version using 20 detached I/O. A hard-wired MCR or a master control relay offers a dependable means for emergency regulator shutdown.

Since the master control relay on the 1761-L16BWA-DM4 permits the placement of a number of emergency stop adjustments in different settings, its connection is vital from a safety perspective. Over-travel limit controls or else mushroom-head pushbuttons are held together in series in case any of them opens, the master control relay is de-energized. This eliminates power to input and output device circuits. Users should note that they should at no time alter the circuits to shut them down since serious injury or machine destruction could occur. The MCR or the master control relay is not an alternative for a detachment to the regulator. When reviewing the 1761-L16BWA-DM4 or substituting output fuses, linking terminal connections, or working on equipment surrounded by the enclosure, shut off the power to the rest of the mechanism.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1000

I/O Count

16 points

Input Type

24V dc

Output Type


Power Supply

120/240V ac

Analog Circuits

Safety Feature

Digital Outputs

6 Contact Outputs

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