Description: This AB MicroLogix 1000 features 16 I/O points, 24 Volt AC/DC input power, and 6 Digital Contact Outputs

1 year Warranty Included



The Allen-Bradley 1761-L16NWB is a part of the MicroLogix 1000 family of controllers. It is a pocket-friendly programmable controller that fits in a small panel space. For communication, it has a built-in RS-232C port for DF1 protocol and Point-to-point, DH-485, DeviceNet, and EtherNet/IP communications. These communication types support direct connection, half-duplex slave protocol for SCADA applications, program upload and download, peer-to-peer communication, etc. It requires simple programming in ladder logic using RSLogix 500 software, Hand-Held Programmer (HHP), MicroLogix 1000, or PLC 500 A I Series software. It has more than 65 instructions for applications and it can operate in up to 5 different languages.
The 1761-L16NWB controller has 16 I/O with 24V DC sink/source or 24V AC power for the 10 inputs and 6 contact outputs. It has a real input power of 5W at 24V DC., 1500V AC isolation voltage, and a 1K-word EEPROM. It has a program scan time of 2ms and an I/O scan time of 0.21ms. It has a maximum of 32 counters and 40 timers.
The 1761-L16NWB controller comes with a master control relay safety feature. It is installed using a DIN rail or mounting screw with adequate spacing in the enclosure for heat dissipation. It is intended for use in a category II non-hazardous industrial environment with a 0 – 55 °C (32 – 131 °F) operating temperature and a maximum operating shock of 20g.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1000

I/O Count

16 points

Input Type

24V ac or 24V dc

Output Type


Power Supply

24V dc

Safety Feature

Master Control Relay

Digital Outputs

6 Contact Outputs



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