Description: This Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 series Programmable Controller is a 32 point controller with AC inputs, Relay outputs, and is powered through 120/240 AC.

1 year Warranty Included



Allen-Bradley 1761-L32AWA is a MicroLogix 1000 programmable controller. The controller supports a 120 Volts AC input signal and it has a relay output type. The 1761-L32AWA can be operated with a power source that supplies either 120 VAC or 240 VAC. For safety purposes, the 1761-L32AWA should be installed and operated in non-hazardous locations or in Class 1 Division 2 groups A, B, C, and D. The controller may explode if the connectors are connected or disconnected while the circuit is still live or when the 1761-L32AWA is not installed in an enclosure. The 1761-L32AWA measures 7.87 inches in length, 2.87 inches in depth, and 3.15 inches in height. The controller is mounted horizontally. When mounting, a minimum space of 2 inches should be left on the top, bottom, and on the sides to allow for the free flow of air. The 1761-L32AWA controller has 1K user memory and a 20-point AC input and 12-point relay output as well as an AC power supply controller. It comes in a compact size and has several communication options that include an RS-232 port to connects to a peer-to-peer network through the DH-485 network. It also has a Device Net Interface (DNI) for fast response, low cost, and reliable connections. The device allows for simple programming.

Additionally, the 1761-L32AWA can be mounted vertically with the same mounting clearance as when it is mounted horizontally. However, for vertical mounting, the nameplate should face downwards. The 1761-L32AWA operates optimally with a minimum surrounding temperature of 0 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of +40 degrees Celsius. When the controller is mounted on a panel, it has an operating shock rating of 9 g peak acceleration for 11 milliseconds 3 times on every axis. When it is mounted on a DIN rail, the 1761-L32AWA has an operating shock of 7 g peak acceleration for 11 milliseconds 3 times in each direction. The 1761-L32AWA accommodates solid wires with sizes ranging from 14 AWG to 22 AWG. When the wires are stranded, the 1761-L32AWA accommodates sizes ranging from 16 AWG to 22 AWG. The 1761-L32AWA has a large memory that can be programmed in familiar ladder logic with the Micrologic 1000 A.I. Series Software, or the micro Logix Hand-Held Programmer, among many other types of software. This controller can run software and documents in five different languages. The 1761-L32AWA controller has an execution time of only 1.56 milliseconds. This controller has AC, DC, or analog input options for the current and voltage as well as the relay, TRIAC, MOSFET, and analog outputs as its output options. The 1761-L32AWA controller has a large instruction set for applications including simple bits, timers, sequencers, a high-speed counter, and shift registers.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1000

Product Type

Power Supply Controller

Input Type

120 Volts AC

Output Type


Power Supply

120 to 240 Volts AC

Safety Feature

Master Control Relay

Digital Outputs

12 Contact Outputs

I/O Count

32 points

Maximum Inrush Current

30A for 8 milliseconds

Power Cycles

Minimum 50,000

Terminal Torque

0.9 N-m Max.



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