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Description: This Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 with 32 points of Input/Output, Relay Output types, and conveniently uses DC Input power

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The Allen-Bradley 1761-L32BWZ is a logic controller in the Bulletin 1761 MicroLogix 1000 Series. It features an L-type base unit with an I/O count of 32. It has a relay output type with an input signal of 24V DC. Depending on the wiring system for the DC COM, the inputs are configurable for sinking or sourcing. The 1761-L32BWZ can also be wired for high-speed counter applications. For this, use input terminals I/0, I/1, I/2, and I/3 and a shielded cable.

The 1761-L32BWZ Controller allows RS-232 communication with DFI full-duplex devices. It also allows Ethernet communication when a 1761-NET-ENI EtherNet/IP Module is used. On the DH-485 communication network, the MSG output instruction transfers data from one node to another.

The 1761-L32BWZ is CE-marked and has the following certifications: C-Tick, UL, c-UL, and Class I Division 2 Hazardous Location Approval. It is tested to meet the 89/336/EEC EMC directive, following generic emission and immunity standards for industrial environments. Maintain a proper spacing allowance on all sides of greater than or equal to 2 inches for the controller to get enough airflow to operate properly. The device can be mounted using the mounting template. The 1761-L32BWZ can also be mounted vertically inside an enclosure with the nameplate facing down.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1000

I/O Count

32 points

Input Type

24V dc

Output Type


Safety Feature

Master Control Relay

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