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Description: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 series DeviceNet Interface to DF1 Full-Duplex Converter through Peer-to-Peer communication with a Master Control Relay safety feature

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The 1761-NET-DNI DeviceNet Unit by Allen-Bradley is a DeviceNet interface that provides peer-to-peer messaging communication. The DeviceNet 1761-NET-DNI interface is a standalone, DIN-rail or panel mounted, intelligent DeviceNet-to-DF1 protocol-conversion device that allows existing DF1 devices communicate on a DeviceNet network.
This DF1 device receives enclosed DF1 messages from a DeviceNet unit and it also exchanges I/O data with the master device.
The 1761-NET-DNI has various features. The most crucial of these are the explicit messaging features and the ability to program other machines through a DeviceNet I/O.
For safety precautions, this unit needs to be mounted in an enclosure when operated. It can be mounted in a horizontal or a vertical position. The 1761-NET-DNI is flexible and needs no spacing except as necessary for DIN rail latch movement.
This unit is equipped with a single DeviceNet connection point with a single RS-232 port. Both these ports are isolated from each other. The 1761-NET-DNI requires a power source of 24V DC to operate and it needs an operating temperature of 32-140 degrees Fahrenheit to function effectively.
The main functions of the 1761-NET-DNI are to collect and receive the data from the connected DF1 device and then to send it to the Master unit connected to the DeviceNet network. The 1761-NET-DNI monitors the output data acquired from the master connection and it allows sending and receiving messages across the DeviceNet network.

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