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Description: This is an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 Paging Modem Kit designed for Double Remote Access.

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The Allen-Bradley 1761MICRORAPM is a MicroLogix 1000 Paging Modem Kit designed for double remote access. It offers a complete solution for remote control system connectivity.  It allows control systems to forward system status messages and alarm notifications to alphanumeric pagers and cellular phones. This way, production status can be monitored without requiring the user to be in or near the plant or field location. In case of problems, the modem’s full dial-in functionalities can be used to connect quickly with the controller to complete the required operations for making necessary changes, updating the firmware, uploading/downloading new programs, and collecting data.

The 1761MICRORAPM Remote Access Paging Modem Kit ships with an industrial-grade modem, a quick start guide, a tutorial CD, configuration software, and connecting adapters and cables for compatible MicroLogix 1000 control systems. The compact modem only weighs 1.5lbs and features a secure DIN-rail mountable design. The 1761MICRORAPM has a connection speed of up to 56K and operates properly within a temperature range of 0-60º C (32-152º F). It can store up to 250 user-defined messages with a maximum of 100 characters.

The 1761MICRORAPM supports multi-paging for up to 16 users. It offers a variety of safeguard features that protect that control system from unauthorized access – including password protection, password with a callback, and caller ID.

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