Description: The 1762-IQ32T is a MicroLogix 1200 Allen Bradley module. The 1762-IQ32T is an Input Expansion Module with a DIN rail type mount. The 1762-IQ32T dissipates between 5.4 and 6.8 Watts of heat.

1 year Warranty Included



The 1762-IQ32T is an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 System with 32-point sink/source input module. It has dimensions of 90 x 87 x 40 millimeters. It has a 24 Volts DC input power and a 10 to 30 Volts DC operating voltage range. It has a maximum heat dissipation of 3.7 Watts. The 1762-IQ32T enhances the functionality of MicroLogix 1100, 1200, and1400 controllers. It requires minimal spacing and can be both DIN rail and panel-mounted. The sink/source module describes the current flow between the input module and a connected device. The devices connected to the negative side of power supply are called the sinking field device and those on the positive side are called sourcing field device. The source always provides current to the sink. The 1762-IQ32T module has a single status LED that indicates power and helps identify the source of all problems. The module communicates and receives 10, 24, and 30 Volts DC power via the 1762 bus interface. For wiring the input terminal blocks, a finger-safe cover is present. The 1762-IQ32T uses bit positions 0 to 15 of words 0 and 1 for input terminals. The operation details must be configured for each channel after module installation.

For safety, while troubleshooting, always stand away from the equipment and always check for any program change. Safety circuits should always be wired in series to the master relay. The 1762-IQ32T module should be installed in non-hazardous, dry, and clean environments with circuits not crossing over Voltage Category II Standards. To avoid damage to the module, always avoid electrostatic discharge and remove power. The 1762-IQ32T is an Allen-Bradley 1200 MicroLogix Input Expansion Module. The 1762-IQ32T is an expansion I/O that can be connected to MicroLogix 1200 controllers. This 1762-IQ32T expansion module extends MicroLogix 1200 Memory and/or Real-time Clock modules. 1762-IQ32T MicroLogix 1200 Expansion I/O modules provide additional I/O than what the controller provides. 1762-IQ32T adds 32 inputs to the controller when it is installed. The voltage category of 1762-IQ32T is 24 Volts DC sink/source. The operating voltage range of 1762-IQ32T is 10 to 30 Volts DC at 30 degrees Celsius or 10 to 26.4 Volts DC at 60 degrees Celsius.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1200

Module Type

Input Expansion Module

Input Power

24 Volts DC (Sink/Source)

Operating Voltage Range

10 to 26.4 Volts DC



Mounting Type

DIN Rail

Bus Current Draw

0-170 milliamps

Signal Delay

8 milliseconds

Heat Dissipation

5.4 to 6.8 Watts