Description: The 1762-IR4 is an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 unit. It has a Heat Dissipation of 1.5 Watts. The 1762-IR4 is a 4-channel RTD/resistance input module.

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The 1762-IR4 is an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 System with 4-channel RTD/resistance input module. It has dimensions of 90 x 87 x 40 mm. It has Delta-Sigma converter and heat dissipation of 1.5 Watts. It enhances the functionality of MicroLogix 1200 controllers. It requires the least spacing and can be either DIN rail or panel mounted. It is compatible with various RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) and Resistance devices. The 1762-IR4 module has a single diagnostic LED that indicates both status and power and helps identify the source of all problems. The module communicates and receives 5V and 24V DC power via the 1762 bus interface. It auto-calibrates on the channel enable but the user can also program it to calibrate every 5 minutes. For wiring the input terminal blocks, a finger-safe cover is present. The 1762-IR4 module can be connected to three types of RTDs i.e., 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire and 2 types of resistance devices i.e. 2-wire and 3-wire. It uses 6 input words and 5 configuration words. The operation details must be configured for each channel after module installation. The module update time is fastest when only 1 input channel is connected to 1 kHz filter and slowest when all 6 input channels are connected to 10 Hz filter. With an increase in autocalibration and lead wire compensation cycles, the module update time also increases.

For safety, while troubleshooting, always stands away from the equipment and always check for any program change. The safety circuits should always be wired in series to the master relay. It should be installed in non-hazardous, dry, and clean environments away from any electrical noise and heat. The 1762-IR4 module performs both module and channel diagnostics. The 1762-IR4 is an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1200 RTD/Resistance Input Module. The 1762-IR4 has a single LED status indicator that indicates power. The converter type of 1762-IR4 is Sigma-Delta. The 1762-IR4 auto calibrates with each channel but can be programmed to calibrate every 5 minutes.

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1.5 Watts