Description: The Allen-Bradley 1762-L40AWA is a 40-point Micrologix 1200 controller module. It has 24 inputs at 120 Volts AC. This Micrologix 1200 Controller has 10 total outputs.

1 year Warranty Included



The Allen-Bradley 1762-L40AWA is a 40-point Micrologix 1200 controller module. This module has the same number inputs and outputs as the 1762-L40BWA, and the relay outputs of this are the same as those of the 1762-L40BWA, but all the inputs of the 1762L40AWA are 120 Volts AC input. The input power of this module can be 120 Volts AC or 240 Volts AC and this controller can connect to a personal computer, a DH-485 network, or a Modbus network as an RTU master or slave unit with an advanced interface converter. However, the controller cannot initiate messages through the programmer or HMI port, but can only respond to messages it receivesThe fixed communication parameters cannot be changed. Refer to the default configuration communication in the datasheet for further details.

The 1762-L40AWA has two input specifications, one is for inputs 0 through 3 and the other is for inputs 4 and above. The minimum off-state leakage current in this module is 1.5 mA. The off-state voltage range is 0 to 5 Volts DC and the on-state voltage range of this module is 14 to 24 Volts DC for inputs 0 through 3. For inputs 4 and above, the on-state voltage range is 10 to 24 Volts DC. The 1762-L40AWA can control a load of up to 1440 VA. The current per group common of this module is 8 Amps. Make sure that the output of the 1762-L40AWA will not exceed the current per group common rating because it may damage this module or other equipment connected to it.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1200

Module Type


Input Power

120 to 240 Volts AC


(24) 120 Volts AC


(16) Relay

Operating Frequency

47 to 63 Hertz


DH-485, Modbus

On-State Voltage

14 to 24 Volts DC

Off-State Voltage

0 to 5 Volts DC