Description: The Allen Bradley 1762-L40AWAR is a 40 point Micrologix 1200 Controller. This module has 16 outputs in total at 120 Volts. The 1762-L40AWAR has 24 total inputs.

1 year Warranty Included



The Allen Bradley 1762-L40AWAR is a 40 point controller module, also known as the MicroLogix 1200 controller. With sixteen outputs that are all relays and a 120 to 240 Volt AC input capacity, this MicroLogix 1200 controller can be connected to a DH-485 network, a personal computer, or a Modbus network as an RTU master or slave using an AIC (Advanced Interface Converter). It cannot, however, initiate messages through a Programmer/HMI port; it can only respond to messages that have been sent to it. These communication specifications are built-in and cannot be modified by the user. Refer to the default communication configuration in its datasheet for more information.

The 1762-L40AWAR has two input specifications, which are specifications for inputs 0 through 3, and inputs 4 and higher. The “OFF” state voltage range of this module is 0 to 5 Volts DC, with its “ON” state voltage ranging from 14 to 24 Volts DC for the inputs number 0 through 3. For its inputs numbered 4 or higher, the “ON” state voltage range lies between 10 and 24 Volts DC. The minimum amount of “OFF” state leakage that this unit produces is 1.5 mA. The 1762-L40AWAR unit can control loads up to 1440 VA.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.


Input Power

120-240V AC


(24) 120V AC


(16) Relay