Description: MicroLogix 1100 16-Point AC Controller 120/240V AC

1 year Warranty Included



The Allen-Bradley 1763-L16AWA is part of the Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix 1100 Programmable Controller series. It increases application coverage with enhanced network communications and its online editing feature allows the user to make program configurations while the system is running. This reduces development time and simplifies troubleshooting. The 1763-L16AWA’s EtherNet/IP port provides high-speed connectivity and the ability to access, program, and monitor from anywhere an Ethernet connection is available for peer-to-peer messaging. Other notable features include the built-in LCD display, the isolated RS-232/485 communication port, and the embedded web server.

The 1763-L16AWA Programmable Controller has 120 to 240 Volts AC input power with 46 VA power consumption and a supply voltage of 100 to 240 Volts AC ( -15%, +10%) at 47 to 63 Hertz. It has ten 120 Volts AC digital inputs and two 0 to 10 Volt DC analog voltage inputs. Its six digital relay outputs are all individually isolated. Devices connected to the 1763-L16AWA’s RS-232/RS-485 combo port should be floating or reference to the controller ground. The Bulletin 1763-L16AWA is a compact programmable logic controller solution that can handle all kinds of tasks. It is ideal for typical applications like material handling, packaging, general industrial machinery, printing, food and beverage handling, pharmaceutical, water, and wastewater solutions, clutch/brake control, and position control. Most applications will require the 1763-L16AWA controller to be mounted in an industrial enclosure to reduce the effects of environmental exposure and electrical interference.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1100

Product Type

Programmable Controller

Input Power

120 to 240 Volts AC

Point Count

16 Points

Digital Inputs

(10) 120 Volts AC

Analog Inputs

(2) Voltage Input

Digital Outputs

(6) Relay

Display Type


Communication Port

RS-232 and 485


3.5 x 4.33 x 3.43 inches

Data Type

10 bit unsigned integer