Description: MicroLogix 1100 16-Point DC Controller 1224V DC

1 year Warranty Included



The 1763-L16DWD MicroLogix 1100 by Allen-Bradley is a programmable controller with 12 inputs and 6 outputs. It measures 3.5 by 4.09 by 4.33 inches and it weighs 2.0 pounds. It is an electronic device with a 24 Volts input voltage supply and a 15 Amps input current. The 1763-L16DWD has a 35W power consumption and an output circuit relay. The 1763-L16DWD has a digital input voltage between 12 and 24 Volts DC with a nominal impedance of 2.61 kΩ, and six relay digital outputs. The 1763-L16DWD has a 0 to 10.0 Volts DC voltage range and is adapted with an input over-voltage protection of up to 10.5 Volts. It also has a 10-bit input resolution with an impedance of 210 kΩ. The 1763-L16DWD has been certified for Class 1, Division 2, Hazardous Locations, (Groups A, B, C, and D). The 1763-L16BBB has a maximum control load of 1080 Volts and a current of 3 Amps. Its ordinary control load is 1440VA (maximum) and its ordinary current is 5 Amps.

The 1763-L16DWD uses a combination of RS-232 and RS-485 Ports for effective communication, and it allows users to monitor data within the controller with an LCD. The 1763-L16DWD has a backup battery for the volatile memory (RAM) and RSLogix 500 programming software. Its operational temperature range is between -20 and 65 degrees Celsius (-4 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit), and it has a 30G 3-directional pulse relay shock rate that vibrates at 1.5 G (maximum).

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.


Input Power

120-240V AC

Point Count

16 Points

Digital Inputs

(6) 12-24V DC and (4) High Speed

Analog Inputs

(2) Voltage Input

Digital Outputs

(6) Relay

Display Type


Communication Port

RS-232 and 485