Description: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 with Processor Unit function, 7.6 Kb memory, and DH-485, Modbus, DF1, and ACSII communication

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The Allen-Bradley 1764-LSP is a standard processor unit in the MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Controller series. With its 7K user program capacity, it offers significant controller memory solutions to a variety of applications. This memory size is the total of the combined 3.65 KB User Program and 4 KB User Data. These program and data file sizes are user-configurable with a maximum user data capacity of 4K words. The processor memory also stores function files that are user-specified and are used as configuration data for system resources.
The 1764-LSP MicroLogix 1500 Processor has approximately 1 ms program execution time for a 1K-word program (including counter, bit, math instructions, and timer). Programs are created using a Windows-based programming software – the RSLogix 500. Long-integer data files (32-bit signed integer, ±2 billion) can be created for use with embedded high-speed I/O and math instructions. Floating point data files can also be developed, each of which contains a maximum of 256 IEEE-754 floating point data elements.
The 1764-LSP Processor features one non-isolated RS-232-C port with ASCII, DF1 half-duplex, DF1 full duplex, DH-485, and Modbus protocols. It has two built-in Trim Potentiometers with a digital output range of 0-250 volts. These 3/4-turn analog potentiometers allow easy and quick adjustment of counters, set points, and timers. The 1764-LSP also provides an interface to the memory, real-time clock, and DAT modules. The 1764-LSP can be installed with the following bases 1764-24AWA, 1764-24BWA, and the 1764-28BXB.   This processor can have the following real time clocks and memory modules installed: 1764-MM1, 1764-MM2, 1764-MM3, 1764-MM1RTC, 1764-MM2RTC, 1764-MM3RTC, 1764-RTC.  The MicroLogix 1500 RTC modules come with a battery installed that keeps time.  Fault codes for the 1764-LSP can be found in the manual for troubleshooting and set up.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



MicroLogix 1500


Processor Unit


7.6 Kb

Communication Ports

DH-485, Modbus, DF1, and ACSII

Enclosure Type


Output Source

Relay Port and DC FET


RSLogix 500

Digital Trim Potentiometers

2 built-in

Compatible Memory Module

1764-MM1, 1764-MM2, 1764-MM3

Compatible Real Time Clock




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