Description: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 with Memory Module function, 16 Kb memory, and Real-Time Clock communication

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The 1764-MM2 is a Micrologix  Programmable Controller memory module. This unit is manufactured by Rockwell Automation and belongs to the Micrologix 1500 series. The 1764-MM2 is a memory module with a size of 16 Kilobytes; it has a NEMA Type IP20 Enclosure (open enclosure) rating and must, therefore, be protected from dust particles and a corrosive atmosphere. The 1764-MM2 has a relay port and DC FET that function as its output source; it also has Real-Time Clock communication as its additional features, meaning that it allows for the time being monitored while an operation is still going on. The 1764-MM2 is also able to run diagnostics and let the user know what is going on in the controller. In the installation and use of the 1764-MM2,  special consideration should be given to its operating and storage temperatures. The 1764-MM2 should be kept within a temperature range of 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. It also has a storage temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.

If these limits are not observed, the risk of a reduced product life and lower performance of the 1764-MM2 is highly increased. The 1764-MM2 is mounted in the Micrologix Programmer controller and used together with it, in order to provide additional features of recall and memory to the Micrologix controller. The 1764-MM2 is mounted on the controller while an indicator shows the presence of the memory module in the controller; this indicator is located just between the Status LED indicator and its replaceable battery. This indicator is a hardware feature of the Micrologix Programmable controller that has around 24 or 28 points of embedded input/output points.

Technical Specifications


Rockwell Automation



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MicroLogix 1500


Memory Module


16 Kb

Additional Features

Real-Time Clock

Enclosure Type


Output Source

Relay Port and DC FET

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