Description: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 Memory Module

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The Allen-Bradley 1766-MM1 Memory Module is a part of the MicroLogix 1400 Programmable Controller series. It is a Memory Module that provides additional backups of user programs and data. It is a means to transport programs between controllers and it does not increase a controller’s available memory but it does provide additional backup to be stored separately. It has a memory size of 384 KB.
The 1766-MM1 Memory Module has various other features that allow it to compare the programs stored in its memory. It has a special safety feature for critical applications and press control. In case of any controller fault, it allows auto-recovery through a power cycle. The 1766-MM1 can be inserted or removed from the controller while the controller is running. It provides write protection for the data files present in the memory module.
MicroLogix 1400 Controllers like the 1766-MM1 combine the features from previous MicroLogix 1100 controllers, such as EtherNet/IP, online editing capabilities, and a built-in LCD with a high I/O count and enhanced network capabilities. It also features a backlight on the LCD that sets network configuration and views the I/O status. The 1766-MM1 also has an embedded real-time clock that provides a reference for applications that need time-based control. It is programmed with RSLogix 500/Micro programming software (Version 8.1 and above).


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MicroLogix 1400

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MicroLogix 1400